Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all screw pin shackles are created equal. During the destructive testing of Factor 55 products, we also end up testing various shackles. The following picture is a small sample of shackles that were destroyed by some of our product testing. All of the shackles experienced some type of yielding and stretching and would be considered junk by overhead lifting standards. Some of the shackles were taken to ultimate failure for the sake of data gathering. What did we learn? All of the USA made shackles we tested showed no yielding up to the Working Load Limits ( 9500 pounds for common 3/4 shackles). Between 17,000 and 21,000 pounds, every 3/4 shackle began to show evidence of yielding - in some cases the screw pin could not be removed after the test pull. 21,000 pounds is typical for alloy higher strength 3/4 shackles with WLL of 13,000 to 14,000 pounds. Ultimate failures vary from 50,000 to 72,000 pounds. All of these numbers were generated in ideal straight line pulls. The low cost Chinese shackle failed at 38,000 pounds and stretched early – below 12,000 pounds.

Side loading a shackle can reduce both yield points and ultimate failures dramatically.

For us off roaders, most USA brands of 3/4 shackles will be sufficient since we perform horizontal loading. Basic rules - Do not exceed the WLL and do not side load the shackle.

For those wanting extra strength and safety, alloy versions of shackles are available with higher working load limits. These are available from USA companies like Crosby and Columbus Mckinnon.

We don’t recommend saving a few bucks on cheap imported shackles. Do yourself a favor and buy shackles with “USA” embossed on them.


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If you have lost or broken your snap ring when installing your Factor 55 product here is some information for you.

All Factor 55 Winch Line Shackle Mounts use a double shear pin. These pins are retained by INTERNAL SNAP RIGS.

Here is a list of the internal snap ring sizes for your Factor 55 Winch Line Shackle Mount.

XTV: .453 Internal Snap Ring

STANDARD: .625 Internal Snap Ring

XXL: .777 Internal Snap Ring

These can usually be sourced locally through auto parts stores. If you have any issues and still need a snap ring for your shackle mount you can purchase a bag of 5 here Replacement Parts

This was sent to us from our friend Chris Hughes. Mountain Goat Media@mountaingoatmedia

This is a prime example of what can happen when you are out wheeling - front impact and scraping.
Now imagine if any portion of Chris' delicate synthetic rope was hanging exposed in front of the fairlead instead of the ProLink.......
Even rope Cordura abrasion guards are no match for the forces and abrasion caused by rock impacts.
Go ahead, bash on the ProLink but keep your synthetic rope protected behind it. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

To find out more about the shortcomings of the conventional winch hook



Yes. International shipping can be arranged.

Please contact us directly for more information.


Fairleads DO NOT come with mounting hardware.

The reason for this is depending on your vehicle, bumper, and fairlead mounting thicknesses the shank length of the bolts may need to be longer or shorter to prevent the bolts from contacting the body of your winch.  In most cases the mounting bolts that are supplied by your winch manufacturer are adequate in strength and length.  In some cases longer bolts are required and 3/8" Grade 5-Grade 8 bolts in 1.25-1.5" shank length is a good starting point for fitment.  7/16" bolts may also be used.  Please contact us for any specific questions.

General Questions

Most thimbles are designed to collapse under hard pulls. When this happens trying to run a standard 3/4 shackle pin through the end of your winch line is impossible.
The 5/8 titanium double shear pin that comes standard with our ProLink slides through with ease. Allowing your shackle to have a new safe and secure home on the front of your vehicle paired with our shackle mount.
The integrated EPDM rubber boot allows the ProLink to be snugged tightly to your Fairlead preventing rattles and protecting your Fairlead from a metal to metal connection.
Properly stowing your winch line behind the Fairlead protecting it from any vulnerability.
Max Load: 16,000lbs
Ultimate Strength: 40,000lbs

Made in the USA



Factor 55 products are manufactured in Boise, ID. Machining, powder coating, anodizing, and assembly all happens right here in the Treasure Valley.


Smart off roaders have known for years that the most secure way to use your recovery winch is replace the hook with a common screw pin shackle. Unless you are competing, the added seconds required to use a shackle versus a hook during a vehicle recovery is not worth the safety risk associated with standard winch hooks.